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Standards of Admission

The foremost consideration in selecting biographies and listings for the National African Religion Congress/NARC World, International Division Directory, is the extent of an individual’s reference interest.  Such reference interest is judged on two factors: (1) the position of responsibility held or (2) the level of achievement attained by the individual.

Admission based on the factor of position includes:
Priests, Priestesses and Babalawos whose initiations are verifiable for certification.
Priests, Priestesses and Babalawos with expertise in at least three of the following

Divination (Priests/Priestesses)
Ifa Divination (Babalawos)
Spiritual Baths
Spiritual Drumming
Songs for the Forces of African-based religions, i.e., Loa/Orisa/Abosom
Spiritual Possession
Dream Interpretation

Heads of Ile-Ife

Heads of Akan Abosom

Heads of other African-based religions

For admission of individuals (with the exception of Priests, Priestesses and Babalawos),  achievement is based on a qualitative criteria.  To be selected, a person must have attained conspicuous achievement.




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