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The Official Website of The Certifying Board
for Priests and Priestesses of African-Based Religion Worldwide


  • Priests and priestesses should submit an application that will include the lineage of their African Religion House and initiations.
  • Once all questions are answered and the qualifications of NARC are met, they will be certified as a qualified priest/ess and placed into a directory of priests and priestesses of all African-based religious Shrines, Houses, etc.
  • Priests and priestesses will receive photo identification cards certifying them as a priest/ess and identifying their lineage house.
  • The status of members will be reviewed periodically.
  • All members of NARC will be charged an entry fee as well as  renewal fees.
  • Biographical sketches must be submitted to NARC to be placed into The National African Religion Congress Directory of Priests and Priestesses.

Submission of applications hereby grant permission to NARC/NARC WORLD to include relevant information for the National African Religion Congress Directory of Priests and Priestesses/NARC World  Editions.





Attention NARC Members:


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