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The National African Religion Congress publishes the reading for the new year from reliable sources around the world on our website. Below you will find readings from the most reliable certified sources.

LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary (Voodoo) | Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba (Ifa)

New Year's Reading 2014

Ruling Forces: Papa Agwe & Papa Legba

Accompanied by: Papa Ogu

Conquering Faith and Fear

The year 2014 is a shared year, ruled by Papa Agwe (the force of light and direction) and Papa Legba (the force of the roads of life).  The message for the year 2014 gives a blueprint for using the strength of Papa Agwe and the true direction in the roads of Papa Legba to bring clarity and direction for the year 2014.  The message comes from the Loa Baron Criminel, who came in possession on Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol during a series of Ghede Ceremonies held from November 8 to November 30, 2013 at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During these ceremonies the Loa revealed important information for the betterment and elevations of life in the New Year – 2014.  The following is the beginning of the divination of the New Year's Reading for 2014. 

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The year 2014 is a year ruled by Papa Agwe the force of light and direction) with the assisting powers of Papa Legba and Papa Ogu. The message for the year 2014 gives a blueprint for using the navigational direction of Papa Agwe and his sails of direction, while also bringing knowledge about critical anchor months.  The Loa Baron Criminel, who came in possession on Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol during a series of Ghede Ceremonies at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary during the month November 2013 closing December 2, 2013, gave the message for the upcoming New Year, 2014.

This message speaks about fruition with faith while overcoming fear, the power of love triangles and how to sail through 2014 in peace making decisions.  The predictions for 2014 begin with a reference to the guidance given for the year 2013 and how it is necessary not to forget dominated points of power of 2013 as you walk through 2014.  The power of a year flows from the power of prior years. It is important to be aware of the powers of the past in order to understand the powers of a year that has not yet been lived. 

The guidance for 2011 was to “be a spade for yourself,” meaning to make a clear, unemotional assessment of your character and behavior on an on-going basis.  The powers ruling 2011 (being a spade, surety and unsurety) are essential preparation for the year 2012 and must be appeased in order for the guidance given for the year 2012 to be effective. 

The message in the year 2012 brought a new perspective for living in the year 2013.  It presented a blueprint for action and understanding. It was a guide to show the best time for financial investments, entrepreneurial thrusts, love, family, and health. The reading of the year told what to avoid and how to take advantage of the best opportunities for the year 2013.

Now comes the reading for the year 2014.  Building on the guidance given for the past two years, the divine force navigates through information forming a beautiful blue print in every aspect of living life. Each point of information provided by Papa Agwe points to the information given during the Ghede Ceremonies and the relationship to each force of the world. As the message of 2012 spoke about the wealth of the land, the reading for the New Year 2014 again points to living in life, which is from the wealth of the land. The wealth of the land spreads into the wealth of life.  Life has a season and the deeds done during that season determine the remembrance of that life.  However, there is a significant difference to 2014 ... and that is Fruition!

The Loa said that the year belongs to two forces: Papa Agwe (whose directional symbol is a eight (8) point star)  along with Papa Legba (whose symbol is a four (4) point crossroad).  The force tells all not to get confused about the 8 points of Papa Agwe and the 4 point crossroads of Papa Legba.  The force also tells everyone to know the difference between the two to avoid making errors in decision making.  Papa Ogu's power is also an assisting power in the New Year.


Since time immemorial human beings have wanted to predict the future, to know what “portends augur” for the future. In ancient Greece people consulted the oracle of Delphi to learn about their future.

Today people go to fortunetellers and ask about their hopes for the future. In ancient Africa (Ile Ife) a system was devised to read the future. The system is known as the Table or Book of Ifa. That system crossed the ocean with African slaves and has been handed down through the ages and has given rise to the readings of the year from Nigeria, Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad, and Brazil. The reading of the year tells which Loa, Orisa, or spiritual force rules the coming year and what is to be expected.

The power of the forces that predict the future is the same from country to country.  Yet the land where the power is visited will dictate what we see as a familiar feeling around the world … the forces.  Each reading of the year is specific to the country in which the reading of the year is given. However, all the readings of the year should have something in common. While the prediction comes through the Voodoo to Gro Mambo Angela Novanyon Idizol as the ruling force known in African spirituality, other countries may come with a prediction of the known power of African spirituality accompanied by a power familiar to people in that land.

For instance, Papa Ogu is the force in African spirituality that may rule a particular year.  Papa Ogu is the one Loa that is known all over the world as Ogu, Ogun, or Gu. His name never changes, no matter what the religion is called. So, for any year that this spiritual force is ruling, many traditions, cultures and spiritualities will know the same commonality of this force. The Loa, Orisa, or spiritual force's name might change, according to the dictates or circumstances of the land where the reading of the year was done.

The power of a year flows from a power of the previous years and years. It is important to be aware of the powers of the past in order to understand the powers of a year that we have not yet lived.  Understanding the powers of the past and the powers of the future helps people to have a deeper understanding of what is needed in their lives to have peace and tranquility.

We are living in a time that may truly be called the dawn of a new age in which African-based religion plays a critical role.  For thousands of years, African peoples have maintained a relationship with divine forces that expresses itself in a oneness between God and man.  It is a oneness between the divine forces, the Loa/Orisa/Saints (the servants of God) and the priest or priestess (the servants of Man).  It is a relationship that expresses itself in the spiritual possession that guides, nurtures and protects the people.  It is a relationship that brings clarity to the meaning of life and the process of living.  Through this relationship, we learn to look beyond our five senses and rely on the guidance of divine forces to experience true living, all for the purpose of expressing oneness with all things and unconditional love. 

The Loa Baron Criminel, on December 1, 2013, said:

"Understand. In the New Year coming, in January, a very big power is coming. All the people are talking about what they are going to do. I want to do this. I want to do that. You're going to make this fresh. Or whatever. Understand? People are always making new year's resolutions that they think will bring a better quality of life or to make things better for themselves and to make things better for those who are close to them, i.e. family, friends, lovers, etc.  Yet once they begin to walk the New Year, the year quickly becomes old within the first few days, weeks or months and they find themselves walking the same path that made them feel the way they were feeling which caused them to make a new year's resolution. 

"Papa Agwe comes into the New Year with a star of navigation.  He brings an eight (8) point road of light and direction which will be seen within the four (4) roads of life of Papa Legba. The roads of Papa Legba are powered high and have above them the navigational star of the force of light and direction, Papa Agwe.  You have the typical crossroads that go up and down and you have the diagonal which forms the cross roads of Papa Legba.  What is unique about the roads in the year 2014 is the presence of Papa Agwe's eight (8) point direction.

"So you have a lot of directions other than just your typical up and down and side to side. What you have is light in eight (8) directions. However, there will only be four (4) roads of life in Papa Legba's cross roads.  Only four (4) of these roads are real for Papa Legba to carry the directions that you select for yourself during the year 2014."

The Loa is advising that no one should make important decisions early in the New Year.  The people should do nothing and avoid making New Year’s resolutions based on emotions of the year that just passed and bad experiences that one may have had during the past year.  The Loa is advising everyone to sit down and observe deeply. Whatever you do it is important to be true in the heart, have faith in oneself and, most importantly, to fight fear. In the place of a New Year's resolution, the Loa is advising that the first ten (10) days of January are needed to see the final stage of clarity.  There will be a total of at least fifteen (15) days of January to observe deeply the eight (8) points of direction and the four (4) roads of life. A process of elimination should be used so that individuals who follow the messages of the New Year can understand a solid direction of Papa Agwe blowing to be carried in the roads of Papa Legba.

Once individuals following the blueprint for the New Year follow this very important step in January 2014, they will then have the power to walk a true direction for a higher chance of success in any path that they choose. This step is very important if a person is to avoid falling into a bad choice or error that can take eight (8) months (until August) to see a correction.

Once you finish your process of determining what is real for you and what is not real for you, you will then move with the authority of commanding what you expect for yourself, family and friends in the New Year. You will then begin to navigate your life and have much smoother sailing during the year.  This does not mean that the year will all be safe sailing but it gives a higher chance of a smooth sailing.  It is very important to sit down in wisdom and seek the direction to go. Don’t force it. Do you understand?

This prescription is to be used in every area of life.  The Loa Papa Agwe will shine in every aspect of life with the eight (8) point navigational star.  It will point into:

  1. Matters of the heart and love
  2. Family and friends
  3. Business and employment
  4. Medicines of the body and spirit
  5. Fruition of works
  6. Valuing the land and the finances of the land
  7. Cutting avenues and adventures with faith and strength
  8. Fear and faith


The power of the year must be carefully analyzed for oneself because all that is desired does not mean that all is real.  Understand? Because if you sit down and analyze the power of eight (8) point power of Papa Agwe will blow in your direction and always be at your back and through this the power of January will, say to you which way to go in the roads of Papa Legba. This year is complex, very complex. However, understanding the difference in the eight (8) point star of Papa Agwe will help you know what is the roads of life with Papa Legba.

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Sign: Egiobe.
Prophecy: Ire ariku oyale lowo Orunmila (a good bill of health, thanks to Orunmila)
Aldimú: Akara bibo. (Place to Orunmila 16 slices of bread with husk and cocoa butter, accompanied with 2 candles.

Presiding: Yemaya
Accompanying: Elegua
Flag: Blue with red edge.

EBO: 1 – young male goat, 1 rooster, seawater, indigo, a reef stone. feather of a buzzard, white and blue cloths, earth from the door of the house, earth from the shoes, female goat hair, a grenade, smoked fish, smoked jutia, toasted corn, palm oil, honey, 2 coconuts, 2 candles, cocoa butter, Opolopowo.

1 - the butterfly wanted to fly before his time and he burned his wings.
2 - I have it all and I lack it all.
3 - God gives a beard to him who has no jaw.
4 - dead King, crowned Prince.

In this sign is born:
The waters and the lands.
The unity and fight of the contrary.
The separation and the discord.
The sea level and their disastrous consequences.

To wet the body with water with indigo and to use water with indigo, inside the house, leaving it for a while and later put that same water in a pail
Plants of the sign:
Granada, ceiba.

Ifa says: That we should be very organized in all the aspects of the life, to guarantee a better form of life.
Ifa says: That we should avoid shames, since this would bear to adverse reactions about our health and in our interpersonal relationships.
Ifa says: to carry out with Olokun and Yemaya according to the orders that our elders offer us in following religious and spiritual pursuits
Ifa says: That this year we should give ourselves a porgy to the head prior to  consultation.
Ifa says: That we should avoid the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
Ifa says: That we should tidy up the care of our elders, maintaining a good relationship with them, as to stimulate them since this way will make them well.
Ifa says: That we should carry out all in the house, ebo (cleaning, sacrifice) as this way, we avoid losses and tears.
Ifa says: That we should dress systematically in white to purify negative energy.
Ifa says: That when we invoke an oricha we should not forget the use of the water.
Ifa says: That going to the elders is recommended always, to have the blessing of Olodumare.
Ifa says: That we should take care of the illnesses, digestive, cardiovascular, of the lungs, the sight, the kidneys, the spine and sexually transmitted diseases.
Ifa says: That this year we should follow closely the climatological phenomena that bring losses, by sea level, earthquakes, rains, penetrations of the sea, floods, hurricanes.
Ifa says: That we should avoid ingesting backward foods and sandy fruits with the purpose of avoiding digestive problems.
Ifa says: That we should maintain the family unit as a religious family.
Ifa says: That we should be humble and simple, and avoid arrogance, the genius and the bad form towards others.
Ifa says: That it is recommended to give a male goat to Elegua, to maintain the open roads.
Ifa says: That we should take pains equally with the hygiene of our bodies as of our homes.
Ifa says: That we should avoid being mixed in illicit business or of corruption to avoid confrontations with justice.
Ifa says: That the religious should avoid the lack of respect, among our family both blood and religious and even among co-workers.

For general knowledge

The first of December of the 2013, with the presence of a significant number of Babalawos from Cuba and of other countries and the members of the Cuban Council of Elder Priests of Ifa, the ceremonies were carried out corresponding to the Pre - opening of the Reading of the year 2014 in the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba.

The recommendations were the following:
It was given that which was requested, the 25 fundamental positions. In all the cases the answers of the deities were very satisfactory.

The day December 30, 2013, the sacrifices corresponding to the deities that was determined in the Pre - Opening were made.






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