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The Official Website of The Certifying Board
for Priests and Priestesses of African-Based Religion Worldwide


Mission Statement


• To represent African-based religions Nationally and Internationally.
• To ensure freedom of religion and religious practice.
• To ensure the right to perform ceremonies/rituals involving the sacrificing of animals.
• To ensure the right to hold public ceremonies.

To fight persecutions from other Religions. NARC is the National Board of African Religions that certifies priests/esses are truly ordained. The National African Religion Congress is also the support organization that provides outside agencies with the verification needed for establishing that a priests/ess is qualified to perform legal marriages, Funerals, Baptismal, etc., anywhere in the world.


There are many people who are calling themselves priests and priestesses who have not passed through one ceremony. The making of priests/esses is performed in the presence of witnesses and other priests and priestesses. Innocent people often find themselves being treated (readings, spiritual baths, counseling, marriage ceremonies, etc.) by those who have not been ordained as priests and priestesses.


African-based religions in the United States are growing but at the same time they are divided. Lack of respect is visible within many of the circles of the African-based religions and lack of respect is shown from outside of these religions. Priests and priestesses all know what is needed to bring about the respect inside and outside. Many of the priests/esses will bring corrections within his/her spiritual house only! Many of the elders are constantly saying “Unity of a governing Board of African Religions, will never happen!” We all say we want other religions to give the same respect to us as they do each other, but many of the practitioners do not wish to struggle against outside agencies.

Although the United States of America welcomes the races, cultures and religions of all people, we must reach the realization that the United States of America is not the home land for any African-based religion. In recognizing this, we must be able to bring all African-based religions on the same page and put the practices, ethics, values, and morality up for the certification from a governing board of all African-based religions.


Attention NARC Members:


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